After I was born in 1987, it took me an astonishing 25 years to get into photography. I started with a compact camera and took random photos. Smartphones made photography even more accessible to me. In 2016, I decided to buy my first DSLR and begin working on a photo book about war cemeteries. WAR GRAVES is a print-on-demand publication that was fun to create, and I've put a lot of Herzblut (German: Heart Blood, passion) into the project. It's a tiring project and I decided to step away from this. 
In 2018, the military transferred me to the Netherlands for a three-year tour with NATO. I began playing football for the local football club and for a while I designed posters in their 
Two years after I moved to the Netherlands, I began work on the Heerlen Foto Zine. Three creative minds (Marc Bogman, Youri Beckers, and Sascha Teschner) joined to complete the project. The goal is to offer local photographers a platform to show their work while raising money to support local non-profits. 

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- Martin Pitsch
2016-2018: WAR GRAVES (978-9082938104)
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